About Pulse!

The Pulse platform provides our customers with a modular on-line facility with the reporting tools and data access to match their bespoke service plan with Trident.

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Energy Trader

Customers can see a live annual budget overview for their portfolio, which drills down into a more detailed live 3-year forecast for each site. The forecast combines data from live market prices, the most recent non-commodity charges and levies, with your profiled consumption data, to deliver an accurate forward budget forecast, which is accessible through a secure login. Budget forecast information can be viewed by individual supply point, user defined groups (cost centre, regions etc.) as well as globally. For those customers opting for a flexible contract arrangement, the Trade Chart shows the volume of energy that has been locked (traded) or remains unlocked and exposed. Enabling risk to be evaluated and trade decisions considered in light of prevailing market conditions. The Budget Chart also ensures that you are well informed as to how the daily energy markets are impacting on your overall costs, so you can easily monitor performance vs. pre-agreed target and ceiling prices, focusing attention on the real financial cost associated with commodity price changes.


The Sustainability module allows clients with a single or portfolio of generation assets to manage the performance and revenue of each of their installations and maximise the benefits of these key areas. The platform allows the client to view actual and forecasted generation/export data, view revenue statemented, unpaid and forecasted, download historic statements and create custom site groups by both technology and subsidy. The platform can produce bespoke reports which will compare actual performance against forecasted generation and revenue for each installation. Where applicable the reports will assess performance against the lower and higher thresholds as stipulated in an Energy Performance Contract between Installer and Client.


Market data is also available for our customers to view in order to determine the latest market price data for a whole range of energy related futures.


Half hour by half hour consumption data can be interrogated and analysed utilising the Pulse consumption tools, which include charting and heat map software, which enables you to easily pin-point areas of excessive consumption and take action, where possible to address the issue. Raw data can also be exported at either site or group level.